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Friday, January 28, 2011

The View

I've rearranged my house in such a way that I have one room nearly dedicated to this fitness quest - an addition that was being used as my dining room / music room.  I still have the piano in there, and my table, but they are off to the side to make room for the treadmill, exercise bike, ab lounger, plenty of floor space for working out and my mat.  This is the view from standing on the treadmill.

I have FIOS and an HD TV with built in DVD player so I can entertain myself while walking.  I have also purchased yoga, walking away the pounds and sweating to the oldies dvd's.  Of course, buying them and setting them near the TV is as far as I've gotten with that.  Progress, not perfection, I say!

I am SUCH an all or nothing kinda gal though.  I want to find a place for my table and piano, clear them out, put mirrors on the walls like a real gym, get some music piped in from the laptop to a sound system hooked up to the tv and make this the room I most want to be in.  Anything worth doing is worth doing obsessive-compulsively, right?

I don't want to waste a lot of time on this, but I was given an elliptical from work and I'd rather bring it home sooner than later, which means I need to make the room.  On days like today I wish money was no object and I could just buy a bigger house.  Then again, if money was no object I'd have a personal chef, a gourmet kitchen, and much cuter workout clothes.  :-)


  1. Can I contribute to the cause? I have a sound system I'd like to donate if you don't have one already. I know it works awesomely as the neighbors use to hate the "Crank It Up!" section of Sunday's Nascar race every week when I could rattle their windows with every lap car passing the track camera. I also know the little old lady next door didn't quite appreciate my Metalica driven deep cleaning days. I say, if it's too loud, you're too old and I still lie about my age.

  2. I have a spare room that i'm waiting to make into a fitness room but all my daughters junk is there. I have to get her to take it all away :)

  3. I like the elliptical MUCH more than a treadmill... works the arms as well, with less impact (actually, NO impact). I tend to hurt my feet/ankles walking on treadmills.

  4. @Munchkin: You can contribute to the cause by bringing it over here personally! lol I know, rather long drive isn't it?

    @spunk: Fortunately it's just me and my son here so I can arrange any way I want to woohoo. Most of the junk here is of my own doing.

    @Lucy: I tried it at work for 2 minutes and felt I was working parts of myself that would make the nuns blush.... ;-)

  5. I miss having an in-home gym/studio. A lot.


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