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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to Basics

As I jump back into the mindset of health and fitness, I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was two years ago when I started this blog.  Even though I gained a lot of weight back, I did not lose my knowledge and some things are kicking in kind of on auto pilot.

I don't have much time to blog this morning, but I wanted to recap for myself what "Back to Basics" looks like for me, to help me regroup and refocus. (Typing this out helps me "see" my thoughts and keep them in the forefront!)

  • Eat my spinach.  When all else fails, a cup of spinach at any meal is good for my body and it has the added effect of making me feel like I'm taking care of myself.  Dark leafies RULE!
  • More snacks need to be raw veggies.  Celery, carrots, cukes, peppers, etc.
  • Keep berries on hand.  Period.  Best fruits ever. (blueberry and strawberry at a minimum.)
  • Get rid of the whites.  White bread, white flour, rice, etc.  There is absolutely no nutritional value and it converts to sugar in the body (and then fat.)  No whites, no way. (Except white potatoes.  Hey, I'm human.)
  • Measure, measure, measure.  Until I can be trusted again, eyeballing is not allowed. :-)
  • WATER.  Coffee all day does not count as my water.  I'll alternate.  One water to one coffee.
  • Protein can be so simple.  Boiled eggs, chicken legs, salmon, string cheese.  All need to be on hand again.
  • PLAN.  At least the night before, sketch out the next day's meals and snacks.
  • BUT....failing at planning above is not an excuse to blow it.  My work has a great spinach, strawberry and chicken salad that I love. excuses.
  • If in a bind at night and I MUST do fast food, I will choose Wendy's for a salad, baked potato, cup of chili (depending on how hungry I am, any combination of the above) or the oatmeal at McDonald's (plus the fruit/yogurt parfait if I'm extra hungry.)  While not ideal, these are fairly guilt-free choices.
  • TRACK IT.  I have to track during the day, as I consume my food.  That way I keep an eye on what my balance is for the rest of the day to better gauge my snacks, etc.  When I wait until the end of the day it's so easy to go over without realizing it. 
  • Get moving.  Stairs instead of elevators.  Park farther away.  Find opportunities for more walking.
  • Treadmill at least 3 times per week.  (I am struggling with this one.  NEED TO GET OFF MY BUTT AND JUST DO IT!)

There.  That's my overall basics list.  Lots of other basics are just automatic I don't need to remember.  I only use olive or coconut oil.  I use stevia when a sweetener is needed.  Organic apples are a daily snack.   Freshly ground cinnamon is a flavorful calorie-free way to spice up oatmeal.  Nonfat milk.  Plain yogurt. And most importantly .... as little processed food as possible!

Make some of those automatic and you'll find yourself getting healthier with little effort.  I actually love doing those things.  But when I fall off the wagon, I forget so easily.  Or more accurately, I stop caring.  Well, I care now so let's see if I can keep the momentum going.  I think I can.  What do you think? 


  1. a couple of years ago I re-tried sweet potatoes for the first time since I was a kid and LOVED them. Now a white potato doesn't taste very good to me unless it is fried into hash browns or something. I can eat and enjoy a baked potato even without butter (or better just a smidgen of butter through the first slice of a hot potato. Just an idea.....

  2. by baked potato in the last sentence, I'm referring to a baked sweet potato! :)

  3. Glad to see you getting back on track. You are so right when you say its not that you forget whats the right thing to do its just that you stop caring. You stop blogging the minute you fall off the wagon, maybe you should come here and ask for help. Someone said, just because you break one egg doesn't mean you have to break the other 5 :)) who was that I wonder?? So looking forward to hearing the rest of your story, you might even persuade me to haul my a$$ to the gym xx


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