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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tried And True (Doing What Works)

In January of 2011, when I started on this journey, I wrote a blog post called "Fail Proof Your Goals."  I identified at that time things that could keep me from reaching my fitness goals and tried to address them in advance.

I have learned over the course of the past two years (the first year being highly successful and the second not so much) some "tried and true" things that work for me.

  • Eating simple, natural and whole foods. Processed foods and breads make me crave more of the same but if I avoid them, I don't miss them. It's a no brainer - I feel better when I avoid them.
  • Eating lots of veggies. No matter what the day looks like, I need to remember to add more veggies. If I eat more veggies (and a little more protein, but less carbs) I lose weight more consistently. Period.
  • Eating less per meal, but more frequent meals. I stay satisfied, never hungry, and it cranks up the metabolism.
  • Not eating after 8:00 p.m. Ever.
  • Drinking water. Why can't I remember to do this? What is my resistance? Ugh...I feel better and look better when I get enough water. Duh.
  • Working out in the mornings. If I get up, work out, then blog - I start my day energized, happy, feeling amazing, and very mindful of every bite that goes in my mouth (who wants to work that hard and then blow it on a handful of chips?)

That last one is a biggie. The first six months of my journey in 2011 was, by far, the most measurable success I had. My personal trainer came to my house 3 mornings a week before work. It was effective, I worked for a solid hour, I couldn't back out because she came to me, and it took all the decision making out of my hands. I just had to wake up, get dressed, and do as I was told. Perfect for me because my brain needs to be in a million other places rather than worrying about how many reps of blah blah I should do or how many I did last time. 

I need a personal trainer. Koko Fit Club looks interesting to me because they have built-in training. Each day you are told what to do based on your goals. I may look into that, but I don't want to join a fitness center when I have one right here in my community. I would love it if I could find a personal trainer to meet me here early in the morning. I have gotten some referrals but no one has called back.

Why does a grown adult need someone beside her in order to get off her butt? I have no idea, but if that's what it takes, and I know it works (it is most assuredly tried and true for me) then I'd be a fool to not pursue it. 

Carly's Tip Of The Day:

Create a plan that works, and then work the plan!


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