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Friday, January 18, 2013

Wounds That Heal

We all have been wounded in our lives. Some have internal wounds that no one can see.  Some of us have deep scars from childhood.  Some wounds are physical.  Some are emotional. Some fight battles every day and feel defeated and tired.  Life is like that sometimes.

Consider, though, that maybe we have used those wounds as excuses at times to be less than we were made to be. Maybe we hide behind the scars and say our lives are too hard, we have too many challenges or no one would understand.

I propose that no matter how you were wounded originally, failing to get back up and keep trying is creating even greater wounds today.  Take a moment and watch this video about some of America's finest young men - wounded warriors who were literally blown up fighting for this country in wars to protect our freedom. They have lost limbs - legs, arms, and in some cases both arms and legs. No one would blame them if they gave up on themselves, on life, on fitness, on being active. Instead, they are amazing testiments to the indominable human spirit that lies within.

I challenge you to watch the 8 minute video all the way to the end. Then I challenge you to examine your beliefs about your perceived limitations. They are artificial. They are excuses. They can be overcome. Anything is possible.  As one wounded warrior stated in the movie, "A lot of people tell me 'I want to do this' or 'I want to do that.'  There is no want. You just either do, or don't. There's no excuses."

For more information on Spartan Races -  click here.

For information on Team Xtreme and the Wounded Warrior Project - click here.

To start changing your life - click the OFF button on your computer and get out there and get busy living.



  1. Hello,
    I usually don't respond to requests...but I thought I would drop by and I am glad I did. I get that look on your before picture. Keep trucking sister. We can do anything.

  2. "Instead, they are amazing testiments to the indominable human spirit that lies within."

    Have you ever read Viktor Frankl's - Man' Search for Meaning?"

    The premise of the book is that if you have meaning/purpose in your life then the smaller goals you set along the way become mere stepping stones to that major purpose.

    Sometimes people know their purpose from year dot, sometimes the revelation comes along the way and for lots of people - (myself included) we have to sit down and give that area a long hard thought and then maybe rinse and repeat a few times.

    That purpose doesn't have to be something that verges on pure altriusm - it could be about spending your free time creating a secret garden that only you get to nuture and enjoy. There is not right or wrong "purpose" - it is only right or wrong for you.

    When you think of your weight loss and fitness goal, where does it fit into the big picture of your purpose? When you achieve this goal, where/what is it taking you closer to?


  3. Christine: Thanks for stopping by! I hope to have the kind of success you have had both in the lifestyle changes and the blog readership. :-) Thanks for putting it out there!

    Annie: Love Viktor Frankl's amazing perspective. I like to think that at least part of my greater purpose is sharing my internal mess out loud. This makes my life feel more organized and much less messy, and I think it gives others a sense that it's okay just being human - no matter what got you this's okay.


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