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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Need A Push!

The first month I began this blogging journey I wrote about how important it was to close loopholes and escape clauses in my fitness plan and create an environment for success:  Fail Proof Your Goals Jan 2011.  Part of that was knowing that if all the exercise was left up to me and me alone, I wouldn't do it.  Plain and simple.

Back then I found a personal trainer who was able to come into my home a couple of days per week at 6:00 a.m. which forced me to get up and get moving.  It was tremendously helpful and it kick-started this journey in a big way.

After 6 months of in-home training I switched to in-gym training at Gold's Gym.  I went through several personal trainers there (they had a high turnover rate) and the girl I ended up with before moving to Tennessee was really good.  She did a lot of plyometrics and P90X type work and even though the scale wasn't moving too much, I was absolutely getting stronger, fitter, and metabolizing much better.

Since then I have struggled to do anything exercise related. I bought Yoga DVD's, Walk Away the Pounds DVD's, and purchased the P90X program (which is fantastic.)  The problem isn't the quality of the workouts.  The problem is that I am not doing them.

I had to sell my treadmill, exercise bike and elliptical machine when I moved.  Getting rid of my in-home gym with all the space I had to work out doing floor work, mat work, and the cardio stuff.....was a big hit to my working out efforts.  There is a fitness center in this development where I live...but I am not getting out there and using it regularly.  I am not in any kind of routine.

I know "just do it."  I know "no excuses."  I know "just push play."  I know all that.  Knowing, however, is not enough to get the motivation I need to get off my butt and do what I know I need to do.

I need to buddy up.  I need to find either another lady in this apartment complex who wants to meet at 5:00 a.m. to work out together, or I need to find a personal trainer who can come here. You can't fix what you don't acknowledge and I am acknowledging that I am the reason personal trainers exist.  Some people just do not find the internal motivation alone enough to keep them up and moving forward.

My food is clean and healthy. I am losing weight at a really good pace right now. But this fitness trek is going to stall again soon if I don't get moving, plain and simple. I have a few calls in to some local trainers and I am searching for Zumba classes (thanks to the reader who recommended them).

I can't keep talking the talk and not walking the walk. I just want a little push.  Is that so wrong?

Here's a little video "Sh*t Women Say to Personal Trainers."  So funny!  (


  1. (((((((Great Aunty)))))))

    I so hope you can find a friend to work out with, or a good trainer.

    I'm having such a horrible time with my health. It's like I've taken huge strides in improving my mental health, but I've completely given up on my body.
    I continue to gain weight, am in a complete mess trying to get my diabetes under control (I'm not eating right or taking my meds properly). My sleep is a mess and and having thyroid issues (hypothyroidism).
    I actually went into the ER last night worried about some abdomen pain. They have no idea what's causing the pain. It's not a recurrence of cancer (my blood samples came back normal and they did a ct scan on me which came back clean), my liver looks fine, not my gallbladder. Who knows. The pain's been coming and going though for over a month now and can get pretty bad.
    I'm just a mess...been effecting my mood too.

    Thing is...if I'd just start working out and taking care of my diet...things would start to fix themselves. My diabetes would get under control...probably wouldn't have to give myself as many shots. My sleep apnea could go away if I lost some weight, my mood would certainly get a major boost...on and on. It's the best thing I could do for myself right now.

    Yet I'm right there with you. I'm having such a horrible time finding that push to get myself moving. My therapist just last week told me to stop looking for reasons "why" I can't find the motivation and "just DO it". I so want it to be that easy :*(.

    Sorry for unloading on you! lol
    Your post just inspired me a bet tonight.
    Miss you!

    (((((((Still The Bestest Greatest Aunty Ever!)))))))

  2. (((((((Curtis)))))) Always such a pleasure to hear from you.

    You know, I started this whole thing by just adding one healthy bite of something to each meal. If I went to McDonalds and got a bic mac, that was fine, but I HAD to first eat the apple slices or a side salad. If I was at home and had some kind of sweetened cereal, I would make myself eat some strawberries, blueberries or melon with breakast. Dinner might be mac/n cheese, but I'd force myself to slice a cucumber to go with it. I did this for a few weeks and found myself eating less of the junk and more of the healthy stuff over time. And even before I had cut down on the junk, my body felt better overall. I could tell it was responding to the vitamins and nutrients it had been lacking!

    Then I made a conscious choice to drink more water. And so this whole process has gone, very incrementally, one little choice at a time.

    Like you, I want that magic burst of perfection. I want to eat perfectly, workout perfectly and of course, be happy the entire time. ha!

    Do one small thing. Commit to eat some spinach today or a cuke or broccoli or....?

    You have been through SO much...and you didn't come through all that, and quit smoking, and do all you have throw it away. You are worth the effort, my friend.

    Let's buddy up! :-)

    "Aunty" hehe (still love that you call me that)

  3. :D - You addressed it before I could say it!!
    My motivation is FUN, and admittedly not a whole of it happening right now!! I really cant stress enough how good Zumba is, it is a Holistic WholeIstic? approach to feeling good. The positive energy, even in a 'omg, no, not this crazy song/routine' moment, by the midst of it, I am smiling, singing along , and pushing myself a little harder, just so I can make sure I get the steps down and I am confident that I wont look like an idiot replicating it on a Dance floor! :-)
    Theres all ages, shapes, and sizes - no judgement, and you get to wear really fun, cool, colorful workout clothes - love the 80s?? Bring It!!!
    Checkout your local ymca.

  4. If it is not Zumba, you have to find something fun. Exercise should not be a chore or punishment. Find something you love to do and you will look forward to doing it and hate missing any days.

  5. I gave up trying to make myself work out. For me it's not sustainable, I just don't have that kind of self-discipline. So what I did was find things I can do that I like doing, or at least don't hate, so that's it's not such a chore to make it happen. For example, I ride my bike because I enjoy being on a bike. I take long walks several times a week on a beautiful trail near my place, it's very meditative for me and if I walk 3-5 miles it's a pretty good work out. Or I take a run on the same trail, it's a short work out in a beautiful natural setting and I can appreciate being outside while working up a sweat. Then I take 2 spin classes a week. I searched for a fun class with a fun instructor, got friendly with my fellow spin class sufferers, and we do it together, which as you alluded to, really helps, when someone says hey I noticed you weren't here last week, or says you can do it when you don't feel motivated. Bottom line you have to find a work out routine that works for you specifically, that you can make part of your routine and that you can keep up. Or don't make it routine. Other than my spin class I shake it up, some walking, some running, some biking, a little swimming, just moving my body and getting fresh air. SJ

  6. Good to see you Mz. SJ. Whatever you do, you're doing it right. You look mahhhhvelous! :-)


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