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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Steps Make Big Differences

It's amazing how making one deliberate, purposeful "next right choice" can lead to another "next right choice" which can lead to more "next right choices" which really start moving you toward your goals.

In just two weeks, my path has looked like this:

GOAL: Resolve to make health and fitness a priority again for 2013
  • CHOICE:  Eat healthy food (there are many other daily decisions tossed in here like "bring food vs. buy lunch out" or "prepare ahead," choose one measured teaspoon of creamer vs. unknown quantities of half and half in my coffee when possible
  • CHOICE:  Move more/burn more calories
  • CHOICE: Park farther away to add additional steps to walk
  • CHOICE: Take stairs instead of elevator. 
I realized at work yesterday that I have been taking the stairs  instead of the elevator. I caught my inner dialog as I walked past the elevator:

"Ha! Look at you, taking the stairs automatically!"

"Well, that's good, but what about on days I wear heels?"

"Bring comfortable walking shoes to keep at your desk so you have no excuses!"

See....right there, I worked out a plan for success and stopped the excuse-maker right in her tracks!

You can figure out how many calories you can burn taking the stairs using any number of online calculators.  I found this one this morning: Interactive Calorie Counter 

I climb two flights twice a day, so it is 55 calories a day. That doesn't sound too impressive, but it adds up to two pounds a year. In December when I look at my weight loss I will be so happy those extra two are gone, and so proud that I am really (and literally) taking every step I can toward health and fitness.

What are some other ways to burn extra calories?  Hmmmm......

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