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Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Does Forward Look Like?

Some things are inevitable, like Time. Whether we like it or not, time is going to march on forward and take us with it.

Dreaming about, setting, working toward and reaching goals, however, can come to a screeching halt where there is no forward motion whatsoever. Maybe you are in a place where you don't even dare to envision a future goal. Maybe you're depressed and can't fathom crawling out of the hole. Maybe life has knocked you over and you are sitting down and regrouping. Or maybe you are afraid to even try. You have set goals before and then not met them and thought it was a failure. Here's a truth:

"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward." ~Victor Kiam

You got up. You tried. You learned something you didn't know in the process. You learned what didn't work that time. So choose differently next time. That's all. That was yesterday. It's gone. You get to choose - right now, this minute, this day - how you want to proceed.

And if you get back up, and take a step or two, and fall flat on your face again, that's okay! You're still a few steps ahead of where you were yesterday.

People have asked how I got where I am today (strong woman, single working mother, career woman, branching out on my own hundreds of miles from where I grew up, and overcoming a whole lot of obstacles along the way.) And it's really quite simple. I got back up. That's all. No magic formula, really. Life knocked me down and I refused to let it keep me down. I took the time to lick my wounds, got back up and tried again.

So what does my personal "forward" look like?

You can see there have been what look like a lot of "backwards" in there. But that's just part of the process. That's the regrouping. That's the backing up to get a running start. No matter where you are today, square your shoulders back and let go of whatever happened yesterday. You get to choose to move forward anyway.

Believe me, I have had my own setbacks recently....but time is going to march forward whether we choose to take one step closer to who we want to be, or not. Why not move forward purposefully, one positive step at a time?


  1. My hero <3


  2. Love it!! Great work Carly. rpanderson


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