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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Discombobulation Factor

Some people are natural organizers - natural planners. They step back often and assess the bigger picture of their goals then fairly quickly create a road map in their minds of how to get there. Then they follow the logical steps on the path and one-by-one, matter-of-factly, and without working themselves into a tizzy, work it into their existing routines and lives without disruption until they arrive at their goals.

And then, there are some of us at the other extreme end of the planning and organizing spectrum. When we set even the simplest of goals it might look like this:

I want to exercise today.

I can't exercise until I find that pink workout outfit. Where the heck is it? I need to get my workout clothes organized.

I can't organize my workout clothes until I sort through that huge pile of clothes to figure out what to keep and what to give away and where to put everything.

I can't put everything away until I clean out the drawers of the dresser because there's no room and there's no sense stuffing stuff I don't even want in there.

I'll also need my water bottle. Where is that cool BPA free bottle I bought? Ugh. I better do the dishes and get them put away. Maybe it's in the dishwasher? Maybe I stuffed it in a bag last time I went to work out? I need to find it. This kitchen's a mess.  

Where's the iPod? I need good workout music.  ::::dig dig shuffle shuffle:::: Here it is!  Ugh.  It's not charged!  :::::charges it:::::::  :::::::looks at the playlist::::::: Ohhhhhh that's not good workout music.  ::::::sits at computer and starts Googling for workout playlists that others listen to::::::::::  Buys and downloads music....

Crap.  Where's the headset?   :::::shuffles through stuff in and on the desk:::::::  ::::::picks up letter from the electric company::::::: Egads! Right! I was supposed to pay this.  I have to pay some of these bills before they go past 30 days or things start getting cut off!  :::::::sits at desk and starts looking through two stacks of mail for bills that need attention:::::::

Ugh...hungry. I need a to eat, but you shouldn't eat before working out  But I'm super hungry so I'll eat now and workout in a while. Ughhhhh....nothing really healthy in the fridge. I need apples and spinach. I'll run to the store, grab some veggies, come back, eat while paying some bills, then go up and look for that workout outfit.....

“There is a huge stress with disorganization and there is also a cost to being disorganized.”
Carolee Cannata

This makes me seem like a wreck, but really, I'm not. And this pattern doesn't follow me at work. It's just that when my mind gets disorganized, the environment gets disorganized which complicates even the smallest of tasks. It's just not as simple as some might think. And I'm not sure of the chicken/egg factor, either. Does my mind get disorganized because the environment starts to get disorganized or vice versa?  

I'm not going to solve this one today. But I am going to go look for my iPod, which I think I left in a locker at my work's gym months ago and I don't even remember that combination. Ugh. I need a personal assistant.  Anyone want to volunteer for that job?




  2. Why thank you. I think I shall. Several of them, actually. :-)

  3. I think we are related!!!



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